Maybe I should have just gone to Costco

July 10, 2017

I wanted another easy weekday chicken meal and instead I found myself wishing I had gotten take out. 

The inspiration for tonight’s dinner is I like a good sandwich, especially chicken salad. I have purchased it at a deli and of course, my go-to is Costco. It’s also a change from your typical hot dish. 

I wanted to try it myself. How hard could chicken salad be? Well, after 45 minutes, I found myself regretting the whole thing. Then this other part of me was proud that I did not give up when everything went wrong.

Problems of the night:

The recipe would not print from my phone and with the clock ticking, I gave up and used my phone. This was error No. 1 because every five minutes or so my screen locks and I have to unlock my phone and pull up the recipe again. 

I thought I had all the ingredients and even cheating didn’t help. The recipe says you can roast a chicken or buy precooked chicken. Roasted chicken–I don’t think so. I have two kids and no time for that. If you really know me, you know I would have never have attempted roasting a chicken. I went the easy route and bought a rotisserie chicken. The old man who put together our order gave us a Bourbon Pepper Chicken and a yellow apple, neither of which I ordered.

I thought breaking down a cooked chicken into diced pieces would be a snap. I was incorrect. This took 15 minutes and I am pretty sure I did it all wrong. I could not get all the chicken off and I could not get the dark meat broken down to small pieces. I did the best I could. 

The celery was all wrong. I thought by buying prediced celery I would be golden. After another look at the directions, the recipe called for two cut celery stalks. How do I measure that? I did my best once again and I may have been a little heavy-handed with the celery. The rest of it ended up on the floor because the container is childproof and I cannot open anything that is hard to open. 

The straw that broke my back was all the cutting. It felt so time consuming. I had to cut up the chicken, the grapes, the parsley, and the dill. I hate chopping. I only like it when I get to use my slap chop, which I cannot use on these items. I remembered to use my grape cutter, but by then I was almost done. Plug sad emoji here.

Yet, the chicken salad somehow came out very tasty. It was moist and just the right amount of miracle whip. Don’t ask me to recreate this recipe exactly the same way.

Changes: I will try this recipe again, but I will most likely start some of the prep the day before to cut down on the mise en place the day I want to eat the chicken salad.

I may use the Bourbon chicken again. It added some extra flavor. I will get an actual lemon, not a yellow apple. Even though it is extra work, I would cut up my own celery. There is still no way I would roast my own chicken. All in all, things might have been challenging, but it all worked out.


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