Pocket potential

July 18, 2016

You know some days, you don’t feel like cooking and you are too cheap to order out. Well, that was how I felt tonight. The cheap side of me took over and I cooked. I was so lazy I chose the easiest recipe of the week–Ground Beef Dinner Pockets.

Five ingredients. Two vegetables. It sounds too good to be true. It was and wasn’t. 

I found the recipe fairly easy to put together until I got to the crescent roll part. I can never open those containers. I am 100 percent sure a man designed them to be impossible to open. The spoon they suggest didn’t work. I had to cut it with a chef knife. Once I got it open, I struggled to create the open crescents. I gave up and ripped them apart and made my best attempt at creating a dinner pocket. The meat spilled out and the cheese missed the pocket all together. In end, it looked like a meat mess, but it tasted scrumptious. By the second container, I felt more confidence and I felt those looked like pockets not meat scattered on a tray.

Changes for next time: 

I will have my husband open and unravel the rolls. I know my weakness opening anything that seems close to childproof. 

I would like to add more vegetables. What to add, I’m not sure? I was thinking a red pepper.

Also, I feel like it needs a side dish. I was contemplating a rice pilaf or brown rice, but again I’m indecisive.


First picture-second container

Second picture-first container


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